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New web 2017

We started the process to plan our new web in the beginning of 2016. We have been dedicating a lot of time and effort to think which was the best way to present the studio, showing the principles that rule our approach to product design: rich, diverse, ambitious, but also realistic. You probably know that we strongly believe that design is the best tool to improve the environmental and social impact of products, but we also think that it makes them better in every single aspect, from functionality to differentiation or aesthetics.

We called the result "the Nutcreatives' manifesto" and you can read it in the first section of the web: "Studio". We hope it inspire you!

For us this web has to be the platform to become a company with international impact. Until now we have been doing small attends with international clients -in close european countries mostly- but our activity is still 99% based in Catalonia. This webpage and other tools that we are still developing must push us to make real a process that will finish at the end of 2018, with ideally a more consolidated international presence. 

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