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Treeo is a packaging designed under sustainability criteria to convert a tree into a gift. It can be customized with your logo to become a corporate gift with a positive impact in the environment.

How to convert a tree into a gift



Treeo pack

Client: Self-production
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Year: 2014
Materials: Cardboard
Keywords: Packaging design, souvenir.  



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WHY? To make gift is beautiful. To give life even more. We pretend that who buys a gift or a souvenir has the chance to acquire something as symbolic as a tree.

What? Treeo has a local tree packed in a packaging that makes justice with the beauty and the simbolism of a tree.





HOW? The packaging is 100% biodegradable cardboard, with total customization, and can come with a fresh message adapted to the corporate image of the client. It can be the perfect corporate gift for companies or events that want to share their social or environmental responsibility with the ones that are going to receive it. Once at home the packaging must be torn and can be planted directly in the earth to see how the tree grows.