Roses heritage sign system

Grisverd is a catalan SME's that produces urban furniture. They believe that companies can provoque a positive impact in the society, the environment and of course the economy, and that's why they bet for quality, design and sustainaibility as an innovation engine. We became a perfect complement for them and they bet for us in the implementation of ideas that were radically new in the sector and demonstrate that innovation doesn't depend on your size.

Improving the heritage experience through design



Roses Heritage sign system

Client: Ajuntament de Roses
Location: Roses (Spain)
Year: 2009
Materials: Corten steel, aluminium
Keywords: Landscape integration, landscape design, product design, sygn system. 




Cadira 01 V4_lowres.jpg

WHY? The cultural heritage of Roses is wide and diverse and it's composed by a group of cultural goods, both material and immaterial, that must be highlighted and explained in a suitable form without provoking impacts in the amazing landscape of the area.

WHAT? The project for the sign system of Roses is based in the research, the analysis and the evaluation of the heritage and the landscape of Roses. The result is an innovative sign system that has a goal to educate the view to be conscious of the natural and cultural values of the territory.




HOW? We based the sign system in two kinds of elements: observer artifacts, that help to focus the senses in certain places or intangible elements of the territory, and QR signs -a radical innovation for a public sign system in 2009-, that connects the physical world with the information contained in the Rosespedia, a local wikipedia full of resources of the territory. The result is a sign system that connects the beautiful landscape and heritage of Roses with interactive information, sounds, anecdotes, videos, etc. to make the experience of visiting Roses even better.