Grisverd is a catalan SME's that produces urban furniture. They believe that companies can provoque a positive impact in the society, the environment and of course the economy, and that's why they bet for quality, design and sustainaibility as an innovation engine. We became a perfect complement for them and they bet for us in the implementation of ideas that were radically new in the sector and demonstrate that innovation doesn't depend on your size.

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Modularity as a goal




Client: Made Design
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Year: 2013
Materials: Steel
Keywords: Modularity, furniture design 



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WHY? Given the current economical situation, companies sometimes need new products that must be easy, requiring little investment and, of course, marketable.

WHAT? Rio is a modular shelving system that allows different configurations depending on the use given and the space in which to be located. Modularity results from the range of colors and its simple and replicable shape.

HOW? Its production processes and materials are extremely easy to find (cutting and bending a steel sheet), so all is produced at a radius of only 3,6 km, promoting industrial relationships between medium and small companies.




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