Noem is a furniture range designed under sustainability and social responsibility criteria composed by a chair, stool, shelving system and armchair. It uses the principles of ecodesign to get the best possible environmental impact.

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Ecodesign strategies for a furniture range



Noem range

Client: Self-production
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Year: 2018
Materials: Steel, FSC wood, plywood
Keywords: Flat pack, ecodesign, km.0 production

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WHY? The furniture that we have at home must be planned taking account of a new paradigm: the objects must incorporate solutions that make them more respectful with the environment.

WHAT? We have designed a furniture family that integrates environmental and social criteria composed by strong, lightweight and customizable pieces that are sold in flat packs to look for the maximum possible efficiency. 
The family is composed by chair, stackable stool, shelving system and armchair, and it’s an example of the integration of ecodesign strategies in the whole life cycle of the products to get a much better environmental impact, such as to reduce distances between suppliers, design for disassembling, water-based paints and varnishes, a light weight flat pack sales format, etc.



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HOW? The materials are treated with water based varnishes, and the components are designed to be substituted and fixed to make the life of the products last longer. We tried to reduce the distances between suppliers and the final price wants to be fair for all.

Noem is a simple and lightweight furniture range, easy to assemble and disassemble, and that comes in a box that shows all of the information that it need to tell the buyer that what he or she has between hands it's not only a piece of furniture, but an object with a history behind. 



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