How to create beauty with waste




Client: Lucirmás
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Year: 2017
Materials: Recycled glass, copper
Keywords: Flat pack, ecodesign, km.0 production



Cadira 01 V4_lowres.jpg

WHY? The purpose of the project was the create a product of timeless beauty with waste glass and a local handmade production. 

We wanted to get the best result with the minimum resources and production processes, getting a product oriented to online shopping, with an easy transport and stocking. 


WHAT? LaFlor Lamp combines a glass bottle with the design of a copper screen in order to recapture the lasting beauty of a lamp. The new object is completely handmade by local craftsmen using traditional manufacturing methods and low tech production processes.

It can be used as a single unit or combined in a sequence of elements. This functional and timeless lamp, fits in every place, from home to restaurants, hotels and big spaces and turns into an element with lasting value over time.





HOW? Laflor is easy to assemble and disassemble. The copper screen is made to maintain its luster over time, and it's finished with enamel set in the oven to distinguish the lamp in 3 different colors: white, yellow and black.