Jardins Jardin

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Creativity to grow trees 



Jardins Jardin intervention

Client: Jardins Jardin
Location: Paris (France)
Year: 2015
Materials: Clay
Keywords: Intervention in space


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WHY? Bioloop was a pedagogic action to stimulate the knowledge and the plantation of trees that won the innovation prize of the landscaping and gardening fair Jardins Jardin, in Tuilleries Garden (Paris). This project was fitted in the campaign "Cité verte", that promoted that one tree must be planted for every french citizen (70 million) during the four years of the political legislature. 






WHAT? The innovation price financed the intervention during the days of the fair, and allowed us to produce 1000 biodiversity capsules, made of clay and fertilized earth with a maple tree inside.

The idea is that you can plant directly the pot with the tree inside the earth. It was sun dried instead of fired, so it biodegraded really fast in contact of the humidity, and let the tree grow fast while feeding it. The trees were distributed across different spaces of the fair like in a guerrilla action, with the goal of making that the visitors of the fair take them home -or elsewhere- to plant them and spread nature.  

HOW? We produced half of the capsules in Barcelona for the first days of the fair, and we produced the other half in front of the people during the event to show them the performance that the project had behind. The action was really successful and 100% of the trees were adopted by the visitors of the fair.