FSC Inserta

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Training the corporate problem resolution through creativity 



PortAAbierta FSC Inserta  

Client: FSC Inserta
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Year: 2015
Materials: Post-its!
Keywords: Design thinking, creative thinking
Collaboration:  Praxxis


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WHY? Problems can appear in any activity, and we tend to deal with them always in the same way. It's possible to find more efficient solutions through creative methodologies. That's why FSC Inserta -the recruitment agency of the ONCE group- hired us, to create teamwork strategies to make their workers more ready to fight new realities.  




WHAT? The problem resolution training program that we developed was a set of sessions prepared to make the FSC team to improve their job processes, the offered services and specially, the collaboration and the knowledge between departments. 

HOW? We designed made to measure exercises to foster the teamwork, the lateral thinking and other aspects that became facilitators of concrete improvement actions.