EIB Trophy

EIB trophy is a trophy product under social responsibility criteria by disabled people


Creating a symbol while connecting SME's with positive impact



EIB Trophy

Client: European Investment Bank
Location: Luxembourg
Year: 2015
Materials: Ceramic, wax
Keywords: Crafts, trophy design 



Cadira 01 V4_lowres.jpg

WHY? The European Investment Bank Institute organizes the annual Social Innovation Tournament, a call that rewards the best European Social Innovation projects. In 2014 the trophy was designed by Nutcreatives and our student in EINA Eli Monjo.

What? A candle represents the illumination of a new project full of hope, good intentions and able to transform reality and create a better society. We have used wax and ceramics. Ceramic is a material for which Spain is widely known in terms of industry, craftsmanship and innovation and wax blends perfectly with it.





HOW? The ceramic part of the trophy is the creation of the Catalan potter Rosa Cortiella. For the wax part, we worked together with Cerabella, a small firm specialising in this material. The candles are made at CIPO, an organisation that seeks to integrate people with learning difficulties into the workplace. All the production is made in a radius of 35 km.