CMC Trophy

Trophy for the Centre Maurits Coppieters


Design of a trophy using basic industrial processes



Coppieters award trophy

Client: Centre Maurits Coppieters
Location: Brussels (Belgium)
Year: 2016
Materials: Stainless steel
Keywords: Product design, production management




WHY? The Centre Maurits Coppieters asked us to design the annual trophy that the foundation gives every year. They wanted a vertical figure, easy to carry and to show, produced industrially in metal. The trophy had to become the abstraction of what the logo of the foundation represents, a poppy, symbol of peace that represents the fallen ones during the first World War.

The goal of the award is to honour individuals and organisations that stand out in defense of diversity, rights of minorities, self-determination, peace, and democracy in Europe, and it has been given to personalities such Alex Salmond, ex-prime minister of Scotland, and Carme Forcadell, that was president of the catalan parliament. 





What? We developed a vertical element built with two main pieces cut by laser, bended and solded, that thanks to their organic profile and the angles that they have on the top try represent the organicity and the lightness of the poppy using a heavy and strong material like the steel. 

HOW? The trophy is 100% produced in stainless steel, a material that doesn't need any surface treatment to be protected from the environment.

It has been made in a workshop near from Barcelona, that allowed us to control the quality of the final result.