Triiki bike


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Triiki bike

Client: Triiki Bikes
Location: Gandesa (Spain)
Year: 2015
Materials: Steel, standard bycicle components
Keywords: Local production, transportation design



WHY? Sharing journeys is always better to go it alone. Sharing adventures creates great memories and experiences to enjoy life. Triiki was born with adventure vocation to transport entire families in greenways.

WHAT? Triiki is a vehicle that has passed all of the certifications and safety tests. It can transport two adults and two kids lighter than 20kg each, all of them at the same time.

HOW? The chassis is made of steel, structural material of the entire set, it is safe, sustainable and more resistant than aluminium. It works is like a tandem, front user drives and use the brakes. Rear user is the one who shift the gears. It's designed to reduce maintenance to a minimum.

On the back part, various accessories can be installed, including two homologated child seats which are perfectly safe and protected.




We tested the deformation of the chassis and with a load of 150kg it was only 0,068mm in the center of the structure, so the result was completely positive. 


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