Grisverd is a catalan SME's that produces urban furniture. They believe that companies can provoque a positive impact in the society, the environment and of course the economy, and that's why they bet for quality, design and sustainaibility as an innovation engine. We became a perfect complement for them and they bet for us in the implementation of ideas that were radically new in the sector and demonstrate that innovation doesn't depend on your size.


To have the more with the minimum resources




Client: Made Design
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Year: 2013
Materials: Beech Wood
Keywords: No waste, furniture design 



Cadira 01 V4_lowres.jpg

WHY? We wanted to create something special with the minimum resources, something adaptable where the user is part of the design process. The project must be produced without investment in molds and dies. 

What? Treviso is a set of hangers composed by five irregular pieces coming out from a beech wood block, without almost no waste. 
The pieces fit in like a tangram, and this fact allows the five hangers to occupy a really small space, making the delivery and the stocking really efficient. 





HOW? Due to its versatility it fits in many places such as homes, hotels rooms or restaurants halls. Both product and package are designed in order to be well distributed and stored. Treviso is totally produced in a radius of 35 km, promoting proximity economies. It is easy to assembly and disassembly, made with fine materials, becoming an item with lasting value over time.