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1. Do more than design

Nutcreatives is a multidisciplinary team with product design as the main expertise, but with a strong connection with engineering, science and business, because we think that it's only with a wide approach that we can get a solution that is truly complete.  The team is leaded by Alex Jimenez, designer and engineer with a background in urban design, teacher and lecturer in different universities around the globe. 


2. Be water my friend 

We work for companies, administrations and other organizations, and we have a wide experience designing packaging, furniture, toys, transport, tableware, or lighting. Innovation processes and co-creation methodologies are one of our strongest points, and this allows us to improve not only the efficiency of products or systems, but also protocols, procedures or services. We are like a swiss knife!


3. Explore the world

Nutcreatives was born in 2009 in Barcelona, one of the most creative and beautiful cities of Europe, but you can find us often in other places like Rome or New York, so don't bother if you have geographical distance with us, we will reduce it. We have presented our work in places like Stockholm, Mexico, New York or Paris, because we believe in local solutions with a global impact.



4. Create products

A product is not only a nice object that you can buy or use. It involves an strategy, a strong concept that helps you with the communication, a technical background that makes it useful and efficient and a chain of suppliers and materials that can provoke a good or bad impact in the environment or the society. Our approach to product design involves all of these steps and even more, because we believe that only with a wide point of of view you can be innovative.


5. Create business

We have the belief that an idea without a good implementation is something with very little value. That's why we put a big effort into the creation of products adapted to the needs of markets, markets that are changing with customers that are becoming more responsive and with a higher level of exigencia. We get this with a circular economy approach that creates efficiency and strong connections, which are the key of business. 


6. Create systems

Nature is a reference for us, and nature never creates isolated elements. All of them have an influence in the success and the balance of the system. For us, the same strategy can be applied in design, because when designing we are involving a chain of suppliers, resources and materials that provoque a positive impact in organizations and what they have around. It's always better to travel in groups.



Be part of something bigger

Since 2009 a lot of people have trusted us. Here you can see some of them.


We collaborate also with organisations that promote design and sustainability in the Barcelona area and abroad. We help them and they help us to spread our manner of thinking. 



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