Stand GAES

We designed an stand easy to assembly and dissassembly to be an itinerant space that changes its location several times a week



PMR Palma de Mallorca

Client: Unnom / Aena
Location: Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Year: 2015
Materials: Plywood
Keywords: Design for all, product design



Cadira 01 V4_lowres.jpg

WHY? They asked us to design the new PMR (Reduced Mobility People) counters for a public offer for the airport of Palma de Mallorca. We had to develop a solution that integrate aesthetically the height for wheelchair users and the standard one, with a competitive production price and an easy production. 

What? We developed a modular system of two main pieces (high counter and low counter) that could be combined to generate the different models that the public offer was asking with the use of only two plywood molds. 




HOW? The final design allowed an easy production for the main suppliers of the project, because it was made to measure to their expertise. This made possible to accomplish perfectly the tight design and production deadlines.