An urban furniture system that gives value to a waste material in small local economies



Client: Ajuntament del Prat / Reformes Saó
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Year: 2012
Materials: Recycled marble, galvanized steel, FSC wood
Keywords: Recycled materials, Local production, Circular design strategies, Social production, Km.0, Modular design


Cadira 01 V4_lowres.jpg

The NOEM Low is an armrest chair designed to complete the NOEM furniture range. Noem Low has a strong and simple geometry, and has been designed to be a durable and comfortable piece of furniture. Like the other Noem pieces it follows ecodesign criteria and comes in a kit with the screws and the tool to assemble it, process that can be done in a really fast and intuitive way thanks to its shape.  This flatpack design and its light weight makes the transport efficient from an environmental and economical point of view, and it makes this chair perfect for e-commerce and storage. 

Like the other Noem pieces, Noem Low is made with certified materials, the design studio tried to reduce distances between suppliers and the price wants to be fair for all the supplier chain.

The result is a lightweight chair, comfortable and strong, easy to assemble and disassemble, produced in wood and steel and sold in a box that presents all the information you need to understand that what you have in your hands is not simply a piece of furniture, but an object with a story, good for the environment and for the suppliers and workers that are involved in it.