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Floorlamp with a timeless aesthetic designed by nutcreatives for carpyen

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Timeless aesthetic, high functionality




Client: Carpyen
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Year: 2015
Materials: Steel, aluminium
Keywords: Product design, technical development, lighting. 



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WHY? We were asked to create a floorlamp that could ideally furnish one of the best -if not the best- houses that we have ever visited, Casa Gomis, also known as La Ricarda, in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona). 

What? Taking example of the beautiful rational architecture of the house we wanted to create a timeless piece, with a simple and strong aesthetic and basic ergonomic solutions to make it a piece with an intuitive movement and use, out of trends to be an important part of a living room forever. 




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HOW? Garçon has an open lampshade to give direct light but also support light in the room, topped off with a handle to have an intuitive grip point.

The handle includes the switch to be able of turning it on/off with the same gesture that you need to point the light in the direction you want. The height can also be easily regulated with an easy screw mechanism.