Introducing the Noem range in the 2018 London Design Fair.

Carl, Rachel, Jane and Chico, the new members of the Noem family, have been presented in the London Design Fair last week! Showed in a space shared with other colleagues from our city under the motto Inspired in Barcelona: Design Editions organized by the Barcelona Design Center, this fair allowed us to reveal these news products for the first time!  Here is a summary of the most important things we have lived these days accompanied by a virtual tour of the exhibition. Enjoy!


 An unexpected sustainable approach.

If you follow us in social networks, maybe you already know that the names of the Noem pieces are borrowed from great personalities who fought for the environment and social causes that inspired us. To choose these names has involved some discussions about which figures we wanted to highlight and has let us to learn about very inspiring people. It allows us to explain the Noem Family Ethics and its commitment with sustainable design. Noem is a responsible creation that surprised in the LDF2018 and wasn’t probably expected there. Indeed, we were one of the rare exhibitors working under those criterias!


 An upholstery armchair inviting you to touch!

Another discovery and revelation, the upholstered armchair. The colors, the shape, the texture made it the piece with more success of the range. The quality of the fabric invited people to touch it, to try it and to sit on it. Carl, our Armchair, has created convivial moments and warm exchanges about the range. Our product is proud to share these values and create moments like these! Seeing the success we will push ourselves to develop more upholstered pieces as soon as possible!  


An accurate design from the global shape to the smallest joint.

Last but not least, the details of the design. The material finishes, the visible steel structure, the choice of colors and the geometric and playful shapes were particularly appreciated. A special mention for the joints of our stool, Chico, which was selected as one of the most beautiful joints of the exhibition by one of our visitors! 

A refreshing and enriching atmosphere.

To conclude, an experience full of emotion and discovery, a lively and welcoming London neighborhood, some great curry in sauce, some pizzas and beers, modern and talented exhibition's neighbors, curious and interested visitors ... In short, we ended this experience tired but at the same time full of energy, inspirations and interesting feedbacks for the future of the Noem range! Maybe thanks to you, one day, we will see the upholstery declined to other models or some joints will become more visible... Stay tuned! 

We hope you liked this summary; stay tuned because Carl, Rachel, Jane and Chico will be in our online store soon!