LaFlor Clipping

We are full of joy because our last project LaFlor for Lucirmas has been really well embraced by international media. The first ones publishing the project were Designboom, Inhabitat, Mocolocoand DZNWorld, specialized in Design and Sustainable Design.






The Huffington Post, one of the 100 most popular websites all around the world, also spread the new:

The huffington post, “Wine Bottle Lamps Are Finally Getting The Makeover You’ve Been Waiting For“:


Then, many websites published the project. The most significant ones -which are on the top 5000 of Alexa’s global rank- are the following:

Icono Square:

Wn, “Handmade LaFlor Lamp Upcycles Glass Bottles into Stylish Hanging Lights”:

Fast Company:


Trendhunter, “NutCreatives Turns Old Materials into Functional Illuminators”:


The ecological websites also said something about it:

Eco Topical

Today Eco:

A green living:

Green tv:


Upcycle Dzine:


English aside, other countries in other languages have propagated the new:

Spootnik (France):

Mijlo (Canada):

Smart light living (Germany), “Upcycling das licht aus der weinflasche”:

Dutchdzine (The Netherlands):

UrDesign Square (Italy):

Real Metro (UK):

Sparkisan (UK):

Ilovestyle (Greece):


Even in Asia:

Cbda (China) “核心提示:laflor灯是Nutcreatives工作室为西班牙的一家品牌公司Lucirmas所做的项目。传统的陶瓷手工艺加上简单的机械加工,实现了废品的二次利用。”:

Art china (China):

Juksy (Taiwan):

Just Selective (United Arab Emirates), ” مصابيح راقية من قناني زجاجية !”


And we hope that this will continue for a while…